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The Science of Walking Comfort

What are Footlogics® orthotic innersoles?

Footlogics orthotic innersoles are a functional foot orthotic designed to re-align the foot to its ideal functional position. Foot orthotics are designed to improve the function of the foot through correct alignment. Footlogics orthotic innersoles help to maintain the arch contour of the foot while being flexible enough not to irritate the foot. Footlogics innersoles are used to treat a number of foot and related conditions.

What are Footlogics orthotic innersoles made from? Are they hard or soft?

Footlogics orthotics are quite firm, but not ‘rock-hard’. They are made of a medium density material called E.V.A. (ethyl vinyl acetate). The advantage of E.V.A. is that it is supportive and ‘giving’ at the same time. As you apply weight to the foot there is a certain amount of ‘give’ in Footlogics orthotics, providing shock absorption to the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. This makes the device much more comfortable and more natural compared to hard custom-made podiatrist orthotics. Over time the E.V.A will mould to your feet because of body heat and body weight, so the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they will feel!

E.V.A. is often used by sports shoe companies to create the midsole of runners, cross-trainers and walking shoes. Footlogics products also use a flexible cushioning material called P.U. (poly-urethane) as well as gel padding. Our top covers are all made of soft micro-fibre, designed to absorb moist and provide excellent walking comfort.

What is the difference between Footlogics and regular insoles?

There’s a big difference between regular insoles and Footlogics orthotics. Regular insoles (or footbeds) are purely designed to provide shock absorption and cushioning effect. They may feel comfortable at first, however they do not address any biomechanical problems i.e. they do not correct over-pronation. Footlogics orthotics on the other hand are a functional device, designed to correct excess pronation and provide a more natural gait. Some brands of insoles may feature an ‘arch support’, but in most cases this support is too low, weak ot too soft to have any real effect or benefit.

Who can use Footlogics orthotic insoles?

Anyone who suffers from foot pains such as Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain & heel spurs), Metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot), Achilles Tendonitis etc. Footlogics also helps ease knee pain and lower back pain. People who do not suffer from any foot complaints will benefit from Footlogics when they find themselves on their feet all day, because of the type of work they do (e.g. teachers, builders, tradies, chefs and other people in hospitality).

Do I need to trim my Footlogics orthotics to fit my shoes?

In most cases you don’t need to trim the insoles. Footlogics insoles are available in 5 different sizes (XS to XL) covering most shoe sizes, however in some cases the insole may need some trimming (with normal scissors) at the toe end and/or outside of the insole to make the fit perfectly in your shoes. If any existing removable lining or innersole is present in your shoes, please remove these and use it as a template to trim the Footlogics orthotic. This will give you a perfect fit!

How long do Footlogics orthotics last?

Footlogics products have been designed to last for approximately 12 – 18 months, depending on how often they are used, your body weight etc. After this time the orthotic begins to lose its properties and its effectiveness. Many of our customers own more than one pair of Footlogics, so they don’t have to swap them from shoe to shoe every day. Owning more than one pair of Footlogics means the product will last twice as long!

How should I care for my Footlogics innersoles? Can I put them in the washing machine or dryer?

You can wash you Footlogics by hand with warm soapy water. Do not put them in the washing machine or the clothes dryer!

Do Footlogics orthotics cause foot or arch pain? Does it take long to get used to them?

Footlogics® orthotics are quite flexible and should not cause any foot pain or irritation. However, some people are not used to a strong arch support and they will need time to get used to the product. This is why we recommend ‘breaking in’ the orthotic by only wearing it for 1 hour in the first few days and slowly increasing the time of wear every day until they feel 100% comfortable. For people with sensitive feet we offer a soft orthotic called Footlogics Sensi. This orthotic takes hardly any time to get used to and agrees with most people’s feet!

What type of shoes can Footlogics insoles fit into?

There’s a Footlogics model for every type of shoe. From runners to work boots to womens fashion shoes, including sandals.

Our most popular model is the full-length Footlogics Comfort, which fits into most lace-up shoes, sports shoes and work boots. The ¾ model – Footlogics Casual – fits slip-on shoes with a very low or flat heel. Narrow shoes with high or low heel, including sandals can be fitted with Footlogics Catwalk insoles.

A flat wide sandal can be fitted with Footlogics Casual. We can send you some adhesives to ‘lock’ the orthotic into the sandal so it won’t move during walking.

How can Footlogics orthotic innersoles help both high and low arched feet?

Biomechanical foot pain is generally caused by either rolling in too much (over-pronation) or not rolling in enough (supination). Over-pronators have a low or flat arch, supinator a high and ‘stiff’ arch.

Over pronation is very common – affecting over half of the Australian population – and it causes muscles and joints to become overloaded because a rolled-in foot position is a very inefficient position for our feet and legs to function in. However, certain amount of pronation is necessary to cushion the impact of walking.

On the other hand not rolling in enough leads to an increase in shock and force to be transferred through the foot, knee, hip and lower back. Footlogics orthotics help control over-pronation through a strong arch support and a deep heel cup. At the same time, the impact of walking is cushioned through their soft construction and added heel cushioning. This makes Footlogics orthotic innersoles perfect for both high and low arches. For supinators the Footlogics Sensi and Sports are especially recommended.

Do I need to wear the Footlogics in both shoes, even though only one foot has a problem?

Most people experience pain in only their left or right foot (especially heel pain), not in both feet. If this is the case, please note you will still need to wear the orthotics in both shoes. The reason for this is that wearing the orthotic in only one shoe will put your body out of balance and will cause your hips to be out of alignment, which may cause hip or lower back pain. Therefore, always wear the product in both shoes.

How long will my Footlogics orthotics last?

Because Footlogics is made of a medium density E.V.A they will need to be replaced every 12-18 months to remain 100% effective. It also depends on how often the orthotics are worn and the level of activity. For example, someone who uses Footlogics at work, wearing the orthotics 8 hours per day and doing a lot of walking and standing should replace them at least every 12 months.

How do I know Footlogics orthotics will work for me?

Over the years Footlogics orthotics have helped many thousands of people in Australia providing relief from common foot complaints such as heel pain, ball of foot pain, Achilles pain etc. Footlogics is an Australian company, but we now also distribute our products in other countries like Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Canada and South-Africa. In the UK, Footlogics products have been approved by the NHS (National Health Service) and the orthotics are used in NHS hospitals throughout the UK.

Although we cannot judge an individual’s situation or specific complaint, we are quite certain that our product will be of assistance to you by reducing or eliminating your complaint and ease your pain.

We invite you to try Footlogics orthotics for 90 days. If you find they have not lived up to their promise, you simply return them to us for a full money refund (including shipping cost).

When should I seek professional help for my foot problem?

The most common cause of foot complaints comes from biomechanical factors, however sometimes foot pain can be caused by blood flow problems, viral illness and malignancy. If your symptoms do not reduce with the use of Footlogics after 90 days of wearing the orthotic, we recommend contacting your local podiatrist or general medical practitioner.