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Orthotics for Lower Back Pain

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Low Back Pain


Lower back pain is a very common problem that affects millions of people. Many just try to put up with the discomfort. But the main cause of lower back pain is actually poor posture.

The problem often starts with the feet. When the feet roll inwards excessively (a condition called over-pronation), it throws the entire body out of alignment. This leads to the pelvis tilting forward and increases the curve in the spine, putting constant strain on the lower back muscles.

At footlogics we offer back pain relief shoe inserts which can significantly help to correct this foot alignment issue. By fixing the foundation, our orthotic insoles restores the proper posture and balance, relieving the tension and pain in your lower back.

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Symptoms & Causes of Lower Back Pain

A lot of people experience a dull ache or feeling of tiredness in their lower back. This is usually caused by bad body posture. When we sit at a computer or watch TV, we tend to slouch, which puts extra strain on the muscles in our back and shoulders. Having to stand for long periods can also lead to poor posture over time.

What many people don't know is that the real problem often starts with the feet. Over half of the global population have a condition called "over-pronation" where the feet and ankles roll inwards too much.

This throws the entire body out of alignment - it makes the legs turn inwards and the pelvis tilt forward. This increases the curve in the spine and causes constant tension in the lower back muscles. If you have persistent back pain, especially after standing or walking a lot, the issue may be coming from your feet.


Benefits of Orthotics for Lower Back Pain

If you have ongoing lower back pain, orthotic insoles could be the solution you need. Orthotic insoles for back pain work by correcting issues with how your feet are aligned. When your feet roll inwards too much, it throws your whole body out of balance.

Orthotic shoe inserts help prevent this excessive inward roll, or "over-pronation." This allows your legs to stay in proper alignment, and stops your pelvis from tilting forward. Which, in turn, helps stop the curve in your spine from becoming too big, often causing lower back pain and tension.

Many people find insoles for lower back pain work really well alongside other treatments like chiropractic care or physical therapy. By addressing the root structural problems, orthotics can make these other therapies even more effective at providing relief for your lower back.

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How Orthotics Help In Posture Correction

Lower back pain relief orthotic insoles provide an effective solution for correcting postural issues that often contribute to pain and discomfort. By addressing the root cause - problems with foot alignment - our specialised orthotic shoe inserts work to stabilise the foundation of your body.

When your feet pronate or roll inwards excessively, it throws your entire skeletal structure out of alignment. Orthotics prevent this overpronation, allowing your legs to stay properly positioned and your pelvis to stay level. This, in turn, helps restore the natural curvature of your spine, relieving the strain and tension in your lower back.

In addition to improving your overall posture, orthotics also help absorb shock and impact as you move, further reducing the stress on your back. The postural correction and shock absorption work together to provide meaningful, lasting relief.

Features of Our Lower Back Pain Relief Orthotics

Footlogics orthotic insoles for back pain are made with high-quality, premium materials to give you the best support and comfort all day long. The insoles come with a built-in arch support and deep heel cups to keep your feet stable and stop them from rolling inwards too much. This is really important, because those foot problems are often what's causing your back pain in the first place.

Our podiatrist-designed orthotic insoles can be used in all different kinds of shoes - dress shoes, sneakers, you name it. These orthotics can correct the alignment issues in your feet, which helps get your spine back in the right position. This will take the strain off your lower back muscles and provide lasting relief from chronic pain.

Footlogics Insoles for Pain Free Steps

Lower back pain can make life difficult for anyone, but good quality orthotics can be a great solution for everyone. Orthotic insoles can fix the way your feet roll inwards too much, correct your posture and take pressure off the muscles in your lower back.

This reduces the lower back pain you feel when you stand, walk and perform any activity. Select from our range of medical grade, podiatrist-designed orthotic insoles to combat your lower back pain effectively and live a pain free life.

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What is Chronic non-specific lower back pain?

Chronic non-specific lower back pain is lower back pain that lasts for more than 3 months and has no clear cause. The pain may be dull, achy or burning in the lower back area.

There is no specific injury, disease or problem with the spine that doctors can point to as the reason for the pain. Poor posture, weak muscles, stress, being overweight and lack of exercise may contribute to it.

The pain keeps coming back and can impact daily life. Treatment focuses on managing symptoms through exercise, physical therapy, medications, better posture and movements.

Since there is no clear cause, treatment aims to reduce pain and improve function rather than fix an underlying problem.

Is there any evidence of Shoe orthotics helping lower back pain?

There is evidence that shows orthotic insoles can help with lower back pain. Some studies found that people with lower back pain felt much better after using orthotic insoles in their shoes.

At footlogics our orthotic insoles for back pain help correct too much inward rolling of the feet which can cause misalignment in the legs, hips and back.

This improves posture and body alignment. With better alignment, there is less strain and pressure on the lower back muscles and joints.

While orthotic insoles may not completely cure lower back pain, they can reduce stress on the back providing relief from lower back discomfort.

What kind of shoe support do I need for lower back pain?

For lower back pain, you need proper orthotic insoles for your shoes. Footlogics make medical grade podiatrist designed orthotic insoles that easily fit into almost any shoes.

Our orthotic shoe inserts realign your feet and body to a neutral position, reducing stress on the lower back muscles and joints. This can provide significant relief from persistent lower back discomfort.

Footlogics orthotic insoles cushion your feet, absorb shock, and fix your biomechanics - taking the strain off your back.