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Fight Foot Pain and Boost Performance with Footlogics Orthotic Insoles for Sports

We all know that sports and exercise can sometimes be a bit heavy on our feet. Without the right support, all that pounding and strain can lead to some serious pain and discomfort - and that's the last thing you need when you're trying to perform at your best. That's where Footlogics comes in with our top-notch orthotics for sports shoes.

For over 15 years, we've been the trusted name in running and sports-specific orthotics. Our medical-grade insoles for sports shoes are designed to provide the perfect balance of cushioning and support, helping athletes and active individuals of all kinds keep their feet healthy and happy. Whether you're a seasoned runner, a weekend warrior, or just someone who likes to stay active, our insoles can make a real difference in your comfort and performance.

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The Benefits of Sports Insoles

Footlogics' orthotic insoles for sports offer a range of benefits for athletes and active individuals. Our medical-grade orthotics provide superior cushioning and arch support to absorb impact and reduce muscle fatigue. This helps prevent common injuries like shin splints and plantar fasciitis, allowing you to train harder and perform at your best. The breathable, flexible design ensures all-day comfort, so you can focus on your game rather than foot pain.

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Who Needs Sports Insoles?

Footlogics sports insoles are ideal for a wide range of athletes and active individuals. Those with flat feet or fallen arches will find our sports insoles for flat feet the best support companion for their feet.

Runners, joggers, and sports players who experience heel, arch, or general foot discomfort can also benefit greatly from our orthotic insoles. Whether you're a casual exerciser or a competitive athlete, Footlogics insoles can help improve your performance and keep you injury-free.

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Choosing the Right Insoles for Your Sport

Selecting the right sports insoles depends on the demands of your particular activity. For running and jogging, our running shoe insoles provide the optimal blend of cushioning and support. Those playing court sports like basketball or tennis will appreciate the slim, low-profile Footlogics Football insoles that fit snugly in cleated shoes.

For everyday athletic pursuits like hiking or walking, our all-purpose Footlogics Sports insoles are an excellent choice. Consult our expert staff to determine which of our specialised insoles best suits your needs.

How to Use Sports Insoles

Footlogics insoles are designed for long-lasting comfort. You can easily slide in our sport shoes insole into your preferred shoes! Here's how you can use one:

  • Remove Existing Insoles: Take out the current insoles from your shoes to ensure a proper fit with Footlogics insoles.
  • Place and Enjoy! Slide the Footlogics insole into your shoe. And now you're ready to experience the comfort and support of proper arch support!

To get the best optimal result we would recommend you to go through our shoe guide.


Do insoles improve performance?

Insoles from Footlogics are proven to provide a serious boost to athletic performance in a few key ways:

The enhanced stability and arch support helps improve your balance and power transfer, so you can really maximise the results of your workouts and competitions.

Our insoles are designed to absorb shock like champs, minimising fatigue and muscle soreness so you can push yourself harder for longer.

By keeping your feet in proper alignment, our orthotics insoles can help prevent injuries and optimise your biomechanics for better overall performance.

Can sports insoles help with existing foot injuries?

While insoles may not be able to fully heal existing foot injuries on their own, they can definitely offer significant pain relief and support during the recovery process. Here's how:

Reduced pressure and pain: By distributing your weight more evenly, our insoles can alleviate the discomfort associated with conditions like plantar fasciitis or shin splints. Improved healing environment: The added stability and support from our orthotics can help stabilise your foot, creating an optimal environment for faster healing and preventing further aggravation.

Are insoles good for sports or running?

Footlogics sports-specific orthotic insoles are engineered to meet the unique demands of athletic activities. Here's what makes orthotic insoles such a game-changer:

Enhanced cushioning and shock absorption makes it perfect for absorbing the high impact of running, jumping, and other intense movements.

The increased support and stability prevents injuries during the quick changes of direction and sudden stops that come with many sports.

Our orthotic insoles can enhance your body's awareness of foot position, leading to better balance and coordination on the field or court.