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Foot Complaints
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Foot Complaints

Find the right orthotics to address your foot complaints and enjoy the highest level of comfort every day.

Plantar Fasciitis

Footlogics offers a range of orthotics that are recommended for plantar fasciitis. Relieve arch and heel pain with targeted orthotic support.

Learn more about plantar fasciitis.


Bunions lead to an enlargement of the big toe joint, crowding of the other toes, and further pressure on your big toe. Footlogics offers a range of inserts to relieve the pain associated with bunions.

Learn more about bunions.

Heel Pain

If you are suffering from heel pain, explore the range of targeted orthotics available from Footlogics. Our shoe inserts can assist you with heel pain relief.

Learn more about heel pain.

Tired, Aching, and Sensitive Feet

Aches, pains, and sensitivity in the feet are increasingly common. Explore our range of insoles to relieve foot tiredness and sensitivities.

Learn more about tired, aching, and sensitive feet.

Heel Spurs

Do you experience a sharp stabbing pain in the heel when you first get out of bed, or a constant dull heel ache throughout the day? You may benefit from wearing specialist inserts for heel spurs.

Learn more about heel spurs.

Shin Splints and Shin Pain

Pain, inflammation, tightness, and tenderness in the shin region are all symptoms of shin splints. Get more information about this condition and recommended orthotics.

Learn more about shin splints and shin pain.

Fallen Arches (Over-Pronation)

Fallen arches, or over-pronation, can lead to heel pain, shin splints, knee pain, and more. Specialist insoles may be able to assist with your fallen arches.

Learn more about fallen arches (over-pronation).

Knee Pain

If you experience knee pain, knee buckling, or a catching, popping, or grinding sensation in the knee, specialist orthotics may be able to assist you.

Learn more about knee pain.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which results in aches and tightness. Footlogics offers specialist orthotics for Achilles tendonitis.

Learn more about Achilles tendonitis.

Lower Back Pain

The way we walk can be closely connected to chronic lower back pain. At Footlogics, we offer a range of orthotics to reduce tension on the lower back muscles and relieve back pain.

Learn more about back pain.

Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia)

Metatarsalgia refers to pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot. Wearing specific orthotics may be able to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with Metatarsalgia.

Learn more about pain in the ball of your foot.

Children’s Heel Pain (Sever’s Disease)

Sever’s Disease is characterised by heel pain in children which occurs due to stress on the growth plate in the heel. Wearing orthotics may be able to offer pain relief.

Learn more about children’s heel pain (Sever’s Disease).

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is a swelling or thickening of tissue that leads to numbness or tingling in the toes, as well as a burning pain that worsens with activity. Treatments include rest and wearing inserts.

Learn more about Morton’s Neuroma.

Diabetic Foot

People with diabetes often develop a range of foot problems that could be prevented from worsening or developing by wearing specific orthotics.

Learn more about Diabetic Foot.

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