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Looking amazing in high heels is the best feeling, until the discomfort kicks in and ruins it. Whether it's nagging heel pain, sore arches, or awful ball of foot pain, wearing high heels for too long can cause some serious painful foot problems.

The good news is, choosing the right orthotic high heel insoles can help! At footlogics we make most comfortable insoles for high heels that provide cushioning and support to alleviate the common foot issues associated with fashion footwear. With our innovative orthotic inserts Catwalk & Versa you can easily avoid foot pains like heel pain, plantar fasciitis and ball of foot pain.

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Foot Strain From Prolonged Use of High Heels

Wearing high heels for a long time can really hurt your feet and make you feel uncomfortable while doing activities. The high heel pushes your weight onto the front of your feet, which can cause problems like:

  • Pain and discomfort in the ball of your foot
  • Hard skin buildup (calluses) and corns
  • Inflamed nerves that feel burning and painful (neuromas)

Wearing high heels for a prolonged period can also strain the tendon in the back of your leg (Achilles tendon) and make a difference in your overall body posture. This can even make you more likely to twist your ankle or fall down by accident. Over time, these issues from wearing high heels constantly can lead to ongoing pain, fatigue, and discomfort that makes it hard to go about your daily life comfortably.

Do insoles help with high heels?

Using arch inserts for high heels can really help a lot! High heels put a lot of pressure on the front of your feet, which can cause problems like pain in the ball of your foot, hard skin buildup (calluses), and tired, achy legs.

Orthotics like Footlogics Catwalk & Versa have anti slip insoles for high heels that helps to take the pressure off your feet when wearing footwear with:

  • The inbuilt arch support helps distribute your body weight more evenly across your whole foot, instead of just the front.
  • Padding under the forefoot cushions and supports the sensitive area at the front of your foot.
  • We have designed our high heel inserts to prevent slipping. The anti-slip adhesive feature keeps the insole from moving around inside your shoe, improving your balance and stability when walking.

With the right insoles from footlogics, you can wear your high heels comfortably for longer without pain or discomfort.

Features of the Best High Heel Inserts

At Footlogics we have developed a premium line of orthotic insoles specifically designed to provide comfort and support for women who love wearing high heels. Our Catwalk & Versa insoles are packed with features that help alleviate the common foot problems associated with prolonged high heel wear.

  • developed by experienced podiatrists
  • manufactured from high quality, cushioning P.U. material
  • super-microfibre soft velour cover
  • low longitudinal arch support
  • built-in metatarsal raise
  • distributes body weight evenly over the foot, reducing pressure & friction in the ball of the foot
  • fits into most types of women’s fashion shoes, including sandals
  • adhesive dot at the bottom of insole prevents slippage

Who Should Use Orthotics for High Heels?

The Footlogics Catwalk and Versa insoles are made for women who wear High heel sandals or shoes a lot, whether it's for work, special events, bridal occasions or just because they love fashion. Use these insoles to wear high heels without the hurt, if you have to be on your feet for long periods of time.

Our leather insoles for high heels provide the right support and relief to combat problems like pain in the ball of your foot, hard skin buildup, or tired, achy legs. These insoles are designed to work inside all different types of high heels, pumps, and other fashionable footwear to keep you comfortable all day long.

Why Choose Footlogics Insoles for High Heels?

Footlogics offers best high heel inserts that are uniquely designed by podiatrists to provide support and all day long comfort. Our Catwalk and Versa insoles are made from quality, cushioning materials that distribute your body weight more evenly across the foot.

Our orthotics are made with premium insole material featuring a built-in metatarsal raise and low arch support. This helps alleviate common issues like ball of foot pain, calluses, and leg fatigue that often come with wearing high heels.

A slim and flexible design allows our insoles to fit easily inside a wide variety of high-fashion shoes, including pumps, sandals, and boots.

With their targeted support and durable construction, Footlogics insoles provide a proven solution to help high heel wearers enjoy the style they love without any discomfort.


Are leather insoles better for high heels than other materials?

There is no proof that leather insoles are better for high heels(instead of insoles made from other materials). For example, Footlogics Catwalk orthotic insoles for high heels are made from a special cushioning foam-like material called PU instead of leather. This PU material is designed to comfortably support your feet and mould to the shape of your feet when wearing high heels.

Do heel inserts help heel pain?

Yes, orthotic heel inserts can help provide relief from heel pain. Footlogics shoe inserts for heel pain feature targeted cushioning and arch support that helps distribute weight more evenly across the foot. This reduces excessive pressure on the sensitive heel area, and gives you comfort from issues such as heel pain, achilles tendon irritation, and plantar fasciitis.

How do I protect my feet from high heels?

To protect your feet while wearing high heels, we would recommend you to use orthotic insoles like the Footlogics Catwalk. These orthotic shoe inserts have cushioning, arch support, and a metatarsal raise to evenly distribute pressure and prevent issues such as ball of foot pain, calluses, and leg fatigue. The thin & flexible design allows our insoles to fit easily in high heels and in any other fashion footwear.