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Orthotics For Work

Ever feel like your feet are taking the brunt of your long workdays? Whether you're a nurse, chef, teacher, or work construction, standing and walking on hard floors like concrete or tile can really take a toll on your feet, legs, and back.

Footlogics offers a range of orthotic insoles designed to provide the cushioning and support your feet need, both in formal shoes and rugged work boots. Our innovative insoles are very effective in reducing pain, fatigue, and the risk of injury. Whatever your workday demands, Footlogics has the best insoles for work, to keep you comfortable and protected all day long.

Footlogics Workmate

Why Invest in Quality Orthotics for Work?

Investing in quality orthotics for work boots or Formal shoe insoles can make a big difference for those who have a job that keeps them on their feet all day. Orthotics provide the cushioning and support your feet need to hold off the demands of standing and walking on hard floors. This helps improve your posture and reduce fatigue, aches, and pains in your feet, legs, and back.

Footlogics orthotic insoles offer arch and heel support orthotics that keep your feet properly aligned. Our insoles like the Footlogics Workmate use gel padding and a contoured design to absorb shock. This prevents any kind of damage that can lead to issues like plantar fasciitis.

Who Should Use Orthotics for Work?

Orthotics can benefit anyone whose job requires them to stand on their feet or walk for longer hours. This includes professions like nursing, teaching, food service, retail, construction, and manufacturing. If your regular workday keeps you on your feet for hours, our Formal shoe inserts are the best way to upgrade your footwear for the best comfort.

Features of Our Work Orthotics

Footlogics orthotics are made specifically for people who are on their feet all day at work. Our insoles, like the Footlogics Workmate, have special cushioning to absorb shock. They have a layer of gel in the heel and front of the foot that gives a nice "bounce-back" feeling with each step. This helps protect your feet, legs, and back from the strain of walking and standing on hard floors.

But the cushioning is just one part of what makes Footlogics orthotics great. The outer shell is contoured and firm, which helps keep your ankles and legs properly aligned. This reduces the risk of injury. The design also supports your entire foot evenly, so no one area gets too much pressure. With Footlogics, you get durable, comfortable insoles for formal shoes that can handle even the toughest workdays.

Choosing the Right Orthotics for Your Work Footwear

Selecting the right orthotic insole for the shoes you wear for work is very important! Footlogics orthotics are not ‘bulky’ and there’s no need to buy a new pair of (larger) shoes.

However, some insoles fit better in certain shoe types than others. Here are some shoe types with which our orthotic insoles would be a perfect fit -

Lace-Up Shoes/Joggers And Work Boots - Select the full length orthotic insole. Sports And Running Shoes Women’s Ballet Flats, Fashion Shoes, Sandals And Boots Open Toe/Narrow Ended Shoes - Select our 3/4 length orthotic insoles High Heels Football/Soccer Boots Cycling Cleats

To ensure you find the perfect match, check out our Shoe Type Guide. This will help you determine which of our arch support solutions will work best for the footwear you wear most often.


If your job has you on your feet all day, the right orthotics can make a big difference in how your body feels. Footlogics makes the best insoles for standing and walking that are designed by podiatrists specifically to meet the challenging demands of your everyday work.

With cushioning, support, and proper alignment, our orthotic insoles can keep your feet, legs, and back feeling good even after long shifts.

Check out our selection of work-ready orthotics and find the right fit for your needs.


Do orthotics make shoes more comfortable?

High-quality orthotics can significantly improve the comfort and support of your shoes. Footlogics orthotic insoles provide cushioning, arch support, and alignment to reduce foot, leg, and back pain caused by standing or walking on hard surfaces throughout the workday.

Footlogics orthotic insoles are also very effective if you have foot conditions like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain and fallen arches.

Can orthotics be worn in any shoe?

Orthotics can be worn in a variety of shoe types, but some shoe styles may work better than others. Full-length orthotics like the Footlogics Workmate are ideal for lace-up shoes, boots, and athletic footwear, while 3/4-length versions are better suited for open-toe, narrow, or high-heeled shoes.

Do orthotics make shoes tighter?

Quality orthotics should never make your shoes feel tighter. Well-designed orthotics like Footlogics insoles are made to fit comfortably inside your existing footwear without causing any pinching or cramping. They are crafted to provide support and cushioning without compromising the fit of your shoes.

Is it good to wear orthotics all the time?

It's generally not recommended to wear orthotics all the time. Orthotics should be used as needed to provide additional support and comfort, but it's important to also allow your feet to move naturally without orthotics periodically.