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Aching & Sensitive Feet

Many of us suffer from and complain about feet pain and tiredness. According to studies close to 75% of the population in the country right now suffers from some kind of foot pain on a daily basis or occasionally. Our foot apparently has the most number of bones in our body after our hands.

They are an ingenious structure with 26 bones and 33 joints. All of this is surrounded well by muscles and nerves. Our feet and ankles bear a lot of impact with each step we take. It is roughly measured out to be 2 to 3 times our body weight and couple that with an average of 8,000 steps per day, you are in for a painful treat. It is obvious that we all experience some degree of foot pain at some point in our lives.

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Feet Ache - Causes


Our feet tend to spread out as we age. Not only this, but the muscles and tendons of our feet and legs begin to weaken. As we age the fat pads located under our heel and ball of the feet become thin as well. Problems such as diabetes, arthritis, and circulatory issues also become common as we age and they worsen feet aches.


Women are predominantly at a larger risk of foot problems. This is primarily because of their habit of wearing tight, uncomfortable and very high heeled shoes. Also low bone density after 40 years of age makes this problem even more critical. This can even cause posture problems later in life.

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Now this is a clear sign. People with jobs that require them to stand and keep on their feet almost all the time will suffer from more wear and tear. They will experience more and frequent pain.


Women gain weight during pregnancy and the swelling of the feet and ankles just aggravates the problem. Combine that with increase in hormones and it results in over-relaxation of muscle tissue which is bad for your feet..

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Running, sprinting and playing basketball and similar sports cause pain in your heels, back of your heels and shin muscles. Many sportspersons complain of these aches and pains quite frequently as it is excruciating.

Excess Body Weight

Overweight or obese people experience pain in their feet very frequently and this overload on their feet and ankles is not easy to get rid of. This excess weight puts surplus pressure on their muscles, ligaments, tendons and of course bones, which often leads to foot fatique and pain

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This is the inward tilt of your ankles. Also abnormal sagging of the foot arch aggravates foot problems further. Opt for Footlogics right now! Get hold of the widest range of orthotics to help relieve your tired and aching feet. Want more? Our Footlogics Sensi offers soft and excellent cushioning, flexibility, support and comfort while walking.